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I am a partner in Woodline Cabinets. We are a wholesale cabinet manufacturing company that sells directly to homebuilders. We switched to using Connor Accountancy Corporation as our accountants about 6 months ago after many years with the same CPA firm. It was somewhat of a tumultuous transition because we were under audit by the IRS at the time and still being represented in the audit by our prior accounting firm. Though it wasn’t in our agreement with Connor Accountancy Corporation, Denton Connor took a look at the audit process and found an error in calculation that had been completely missed by our prior CPA firm. This discovery saved us about $7,000 in the audit.

Recently, after looking at the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the current structure of our business, and our partners’ long-term transition plans, Denton recommended a change to our entity structure. Denton projected the tax savings from the change to be significant. He also made it clear that to take full advantage of this opportunity, we needed to make the change right away. We have made the transition to the new entity now and are looking forward to the rewards.

Our transition to working with Connor Accountancy Corporation has definitely been positive. I appreciate their business model because it allows us to communicate with our accountant on a regular basis and to get good, solid advice when we need it and to plan proactively. I actually think I’ve gotten more good advice and had more communication from the team at Connor Accountancy Corporation in the last 6 months than I ever got from our prior CPA in all the years that we worked with him.

Paul McKay, Woodline Cabinets

I am the current CFO of United Mobilehome Owners Association of Fairfield, Inc (UMOAF), which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The organization consists of two large mobilehome parks, Country Club Estates and Dover Mobilehome Park. The parks were purchased by a bond that was issued by the City of Fairfield. UMOAF has 9 board members that oversee the operations of the park.

Due to the complexity of our business and previous issues within the park, we needed to look for an” outside accounting firm to help us with the bookkeeping and accounting requirements. Connor Accountancy Corporation has helped us in this respect by making sure our books are up to date, accurate and in compliance with our bond. They have also improved our internal controls, made our accounting practices standardized and more transparent to residents, and helped with practices that will prevent fraud.

The CPAs have been helpful in teaching the board how to understand the budget and accounting practices. If the board has a question, they have been able to answer it in a way that is understandable to us. UMOAF, also has independent auditors. It has been very reaffirming that we can ask Connor Accountancy Corporation to interpret what the auditors are asking us to do.

I am very confident when my two-year term is up, that my replacement will have an easy transition with the help and support that we have from Connor Accountancy Corporation.

Connor Accountancy Corporation has been very professional and accessible to us. I highly recommend them to any non-profit that needs high quality accounting services with a personal touch. I have enjoyed working with them.

Carolyn Murray, CFO, United Mobile Homeowners Association of Fairfield

I served for 12 years as Executive Director for Bay Area Electric Railroad Association, a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit created to preserve and interpret the heritage of the railroads powered by electricity (such as MUNI and BART) in Northern California and throughout the Western U.S. During much of this time we used Connor Accountancy (Now called Connor Accountancy Corporation CPAs & Advisors) for our accounting needs. It’s pretty rare that people get excited about their accounting experience and yet they helped and supported us in so many ways that I must rave about them.

First of all, all their work was timely. They never missed a deadline or provided us anything late and they were always responsive to our inquiries.

They took a great deal of day to day work off our plate. They handled much of our regular business administration and kept us in compliance with the law. They filed all our federal, state and local sales and income tax filings accurately and on time and they helped us manage our payroll.

They also worked with our outside auditing firm. Their work was seamless. This saved us at least a full-time work week worth of time and money per year because the audit team had to do much less testing and detective work. They came back with very few audit adjustments. This provided a high level of reassurance to me, to our board, to our staff, and our benefactors.

They served in an advisory role for us as well. First they created customized reports with the financial information we really needed to make our business decisions. Then they adjusted the reports for specific circumstances, audiences, and needs such as for the board, or for donors. The reports were easily replicable for use at our monthly meetings. Second, they served as a sounding board for us and helped us understand the financial consequences of our business decisions. For example, they helped us define and evaluate which vendors we would work with. They also helped us choose the employee benefits and retirement plan we would provide after taking into account the size of our staff and our budget.

Working with Connor Accountancy Corporation made a huge difference in the work I could do for the Railroad. Knowing that the underlying financial information I was using to guide my decisions was sound, freed me up to raise money and develop our public programs.

To summarize, the ease of working with Connor Accountancy Corporation coupled with the consistent quality of work and the ongoing support allowed our non-profit to focus on its mission-critical functions and work towards achieving its exempt purpose.

I highly recommend them to any non-profit.

Phil Kohlmetz, Former Executive Director, Bay Area Electric Railroad Association

I am the Executive Director for Moving Forward Towards Independence. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) classified as a private foundation. We are located in Napa, CA. We are a residential program offering transitional and independent living support to adults with disabilities. We are a sizable non-profit with close to 20 employees.

In early 2016 we engaged Connor Accountancy Corporation CPAs & Advisors as our accountants. Our experience has been very positive.

They began by working collaboratively with us to redesign the financial dashboard used by our board at its meetings. The board is happy with the new dashboard and now has the information at its fingertips that it needs to make decisions about the future of Moving Forward.

With our previous accountants, we often discovered errors and had to spend a lot of time guiding and correcting them. Now we receive timely, accurate monthly reporting. This saves a lot of our time, and in the long run will save us money.

In addition, Connor Accountancy Corporation proactively informs me and our board of items of concern. This helps us perform oversight to the organization.

Recently, we were looking for legal representation for Moving Forward. Connor Accountancy Corporation is connected in the community and was able to connect us with local attorneys to interview.

The other thing that I really appreciate about Connor Accountancy Corporation is its team members. They have been amazingly helpful. Deborah Heritage, one of their senior accountants, has been our main point of contact. She has been available whenever we need her. She listens patiently to our concerns. She easily translates our questions into accounting terms and back again. She never gets defensive, and she offers helpful ideas and explanations. She is a wonderful teacher and has been consistently forthright about when things will be done. She and several of Connor Accountancy Corporation’ partners have also attended our board meetings to help us understand our financial statements so we can use the numbers to guide our operations.

I appreciate the relationship we have built with Connor Accountancy Corporation and the consistent support they have provided us. I would recommend them to any non-profit in need of a good accountant.

Rhonda Daniels, Executive Director, Moving Forward Towards Indpendence

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