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Planning for Businesses

We are a relationship-based CPA firm. As our relationships with our clients grow, so does the value we can provide them. We build these relationships with our business clients through our Business Advisory Services.

We meet with all our business clients regularly to proactively plan together. We review their financial statements with them, analyze their profit drivers, discuss their businesses, strategize for the future, explore ways to increase profit, and set measurable goals. We also do year-round tax planning with them.

We serve as strategic advisors to our business clients.

The way we price our services is also designed to build this relationship. Our clients never, ever, have to worry about receiving a surprise bill from us. They feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call anytime to help them think through business decisions or to get questions answered. All our services are packaged and priced upfront, so there won’t ever be any financial surprises from us.